{Latest} Thop TV App Download Latest Version For Android

{Latest} Thop TV App Download Latest Version For Android

Thop TV App Download, Free Download Thop TV, Thop TV Latest Version, Thop TV For PC, Thop TV For Android – Do you remember there was a time when we used to have thick fat televisions which cannot be moved once they are placed on a table there is no moving
You can't even place it on the wall as they are too heavy and the wall can't hold them.

Then there came a time where scientist understood the problems and thought off changing the size of the television,

Nowadays television comes with flat-screen and some come with even smaller screens.

Now you can put up the flat-screen television on the wall and you can rest on the bed comfortably and watch them.

But there is still a problem you can't carry your television everywhere so if you are out of your house and you want to watch a match for your favourite TV show on that time you can't watch it.

You have to rush back to your house before that time to watch your favourite show,

All the have you forgotten that you can record it also but what if you are on a journey to somewhere, then what?

Then you can watch the repeat telecast of it although that is not always possible is the repeat time may not match with yours.

So what if I can say there is a way where you can watch any TV show and listen to any radio channel from your mobile device only that's too without paying a penny.

Yeah, that's definitely possible I am not talking about Jio TV or Sony live for Hotstar where you have to pay a monthly subscription to continue watching. Similarly to this also, we have posted Oreo TV Apk, SonyLIV TV Modded Apk

As you have already read on the title we are talking about out thoptv which is an amazing platform that allows you to watch over 3000 plus live channels where you can watch any movies you want

Not only this there are many other features that this app posses so without keeping you in suspense let's discuss them in detail.

Features of Thop TV

1. Chat: This is not a chatting platform but 800 can still chat with other thoptv app users to know the trending movies or TV shows or discuss them.
2. Notification: your flat TV I won't give you any notification about your favourite TV show but with the help of this application you will get a notification before your show begins so that you won't miss any part of it.
3. Friendly dashboard: this app provides you with a friendly dashboard where you can set up your favourite TV shows or the shows you want to watch later on your personal list don't worry others won't be able to see them.
4. Choose video quality: there is a limit to your data and you can't watch in ultra HD all the time so you can choose to watch it on lower quality if you don't have enough internet data.
5. Able to choose the language: you can choose to watch your show in other languages also.
6. Subtitles support: this app also supports subtitle so you won't have a problem watching English TV shows or movies.

How to download Thop TV on your Android device

The installation process of this app is very simple, first, you need to download the app from the link given.

I won't recommend you to go to play store as there are mostly guide application available there so it's better to download it from the link given.

After downloading click on install button and if it says allow from an unknown source then follow the steps below

At first, go to your device setting then find security in settings then in security go to an unknown source and take the box if it is unticked.

Now go back to your download and click on install again this time view won't face any problem and app will be installed properly.

I already told you installation is that simple.

I know there are still many questions in your mind not only yours everyone has some question in their mind about this app so let's discuss them in the FAQ section below

Q No 1. Why thoptv app not Airtel Hotstar Jio any other TV app?
I am not saying that you can't watch your favourite show over there but to watch on the other platform you have to pay a subscription which you don't have to pay in thoptv app.

Q No 2. Is thoptv app free
Yes don't worry it is completely free and you don't have to pay a single penny to assess it.

Q No 3. Can I use it on a computer
Yes you can use it on your computer as well all you have to do is go to the official version available from the link here

Q No 4. Does it work on Firestick? Is it compatible with Fire TV Remote?
Yes, it does work properly on Firestick and it is compatible with the Fire TV remote.


Now that I have revealed all the secrets about thoptv app I am looking forward that you will download and explore it more by yourself.
In my opinion, it is one of the best live streaming platform of TV shows and movies and the best thing about this app is it is completely free so anyone can Ford it and use it as much as they want.
So what are you waiting for go and download it immediately and enjoy the best or I can say beast.
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